Why Us

Slow down, and take well-deserved time for yourself with your friends. Going on holidays with the girls reminds you who you are. You’ll relax, laugh, actually finish a conversation, try things you haven’t done before and receive the red carpet treatment. 

Don’t  waste your precious holiday time organising your group activities when you get there. We arrange all of your accommodation, transport and activities including indulgent spa treatments.  We’ve also taken care of all your entry fees and local taxes so your precious time is maximised to simply relax, rediscover and rejuvenate.

Get rid of the guilt you normally experience when you take time for yourself.

Organising a group trip can leave all the responsibility to one person, or you find different people want different things. We take the stress out of this as we’ve found incredible places to stay that really suit groups of women.  Activities that you wouldn’t necessarily try or be able to do if you were travelling with your partner or children.  You won’t come home needing a Holiday from your Holiday… it’s all about you.

For information about our Rejuvenating Wellness Holidays, visit our Experiences pages or connect with us and we will contact you.